Sony DVP-FX720W review: Sony DVP-FX720W

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There is one USB slot on the left side, so you can easily play or view pictures and songs stored on a portable flash drive. The catch though, is that you can only use this to playback MP3 and JPEG files, you cannot simply drag and drop DivX files from your PC onto a thumb drive, as they will not play back through the USB port -- you must burn them to DVD.  

Priced at AU$299, this entry level player gives you entry level performance. The most disappointing aspect of the display is the screen door effect that puts small but noticeable grid lines throughout the picture. However, the colour is quite good, if a little muted in the default setting, but this makes for accurate skin tones.

The speakers are not too bad considering their size. However small, using them instead of headphones will more rapidly drain the battery. Sony claims the battery life at five hours, but this is conditional on using headphones and setting the backlight adjustment to minimum (which makes the picture virtually unviewable). In our "real world" testing, we found the battery life to be closer to four hours, still plenty long enough for watching one or two movies between charges.

All up, the FX720 has its limitations, but for the price, it does what it is designed to do well enough. Depending on your needs, its USB port for playing music and pictures, plus its DivX capabilities may be enough to compensate for what it lacks in image quality.

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