Sony DAV-LF1 wireless home theatre system

Sony's stylish DAV-LF1 home theatre system features wireless rear surround sound speakers.

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Apparently inspired by the same aesthetic concept that produced the floating glass flat panel WEGA display sets, the DAV-LF1 incorporates a slimline form and a glazed metallic frost finish.

The main unit, which houses the DVD/CD/Super Audio CD player, is encased in a floating glass design, while the speakers are sheathed in a thin, brushed aluminium chassis. The speakers have detachable floor stands for flexible floor display options, as well as vertical or horizontal wall hanging set-ups.

The DAV-LF1 features DIAT (Digital Infrared Audio Transmission) wireless technology, which means there is no longer a need to run unsightly speaker cables along the floor or through the walls to connect the rear speakers to the main unit. DIAT technology transfers digital audio signals to the rear speakers without compression for pure audio reproduction without deterioration or compromise to sound quality.

Sony also claims that DIAT's build ensures that the system is not vulnerable to interference from other devices such as microwaves or cordless phones.

The system also has a Digital Direct Twin Drive Subwoofer, Dolby Digital/DTS/Dolby Pro Logic II surround sound and Nano-five speaker tweeters for SACD multi-channel audio playback.


The system is clearly designed to match Sony's Wega TV line-up and may not look as good paired with other brands of television.  The wireless rear speakers certainly make room configuration and system set up much easier, but proof is in the performance, so we look forward to reviewing the DAV-LF1s to see if the sound matches the style.


This hassle-free wireless system with high performance audio/video playback is ideal for pairing with Sony's flat panel LCD or plasma WEGA televisions.

If you're after something more affordable but like the idea of wireless rear speakers, Sony has also launched the DAVSR4W ($1499) and the DAVSB500W ($1199) home theatre systems. Both also have the wireless rears, but are scaled back on the package specs and styling.