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The 89mm, touchscreen LCD display is huge, leaving no space for physical controls on the back

If the stills are good, the movies are even better. They're not at a 'Full HD' resolution of 1,920x1,080 pixels, but the T900's 1,280x720-pixel movies are still very crisp and clear. You get stereo sound -- as long as you don't put your finger over the right-hand mic orifice -- and the ability to zoom in and out as you film. The autofocus keeps up well during filming too.

The icing on the cake is the playback quality on the 920,000-pixel LCD. You can play your movies back on your Sony Bravia TV -- once you've bought the optional cable -- but they look pretty damned good just played back on the camera.

Automatic scene recognition and fancy face-detection modes are de rigeur on any hi-tech compact, but the T900 doesn't rely on gadgets like these for its appeal.

There are a couple of design issues, however. One is the sliding front lens cover. It's no good trying to start the camera up with the power button because it's the lens cover that does it. You get used to that soon enough, but it's only after the loss of a couple of fingernails that you realise there's a knack to getting the damned thing open. With your right thumb on the baseplate and three fingers flat against the lens cover, a combination of gentle pressure and downward movement does the trick.

The T900's lens delivers very good definition, although it falls away slightly at full zoom. Overall, it's a good showing, especially for a super-slim camera with a non-extending, folding lens (click image to enlarge)

Then there's the interface. Why, when they've got 920,000 pixels to play with, did the designers settle for fuzzy, low-resolution icons? It's like finding your new Ferrari's got vinyl seats.

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T900 is expensive, but you can see where the money's gone. It's a classy piece of kit that produces good-quality stills and great HD movies. The touchscreen interface works well and the LCD is excellent. If you've got the cash, the T900's certainly got the style.

Edited by Charles Kloet

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