Sony Bravia KDL46NX700

Sony's 2010 Bravia NX series offers a bold design statement, plus built-in Wi-Fi with access to Bravia internet video and widgets.

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Ty Pendlebury
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The NX range is the most distinctive of Sony's 2010 range of televisions, and it's all thanks to that slotted "slab" stand. But don't be too disappointed when we tell you that it won't look like that when you pull it out of the box — the stand is optional and will cost between AU$250 and AU$350 depending on the size of your TV. It does look pretty gnarly (in the old-school surfer way, not covered in carbuncles), though, and we'd pony up the extra cash if it were up to us. The TV is adjustable between vertical and a six-degree slant. Sony's rationale behind the second option is that it enables customers to put the TV on a modern, low-slung stand and still have it sit at the correct eye level.

The NX700 comes in two sizes, the KDL40NX700 (AU$2999) and KDL46NX700 (AU$3699) and features a Deep Black Panel and Edge LED lighting. It goes without saying that these are full HD panels (1920x1080) and they also feature MotionFlow 100Hz processing.

The NX700 boasts a high level of connectivity with built-in Wi-Fi providing access to Sony's take on IPTV called Bravia Internet Video. At yesterday's event Sony demonstrated a "catch-up" stream of My Kitchen Rules and the video quality was very good. Of course, video quality will depend on the individual source.

The wireless connection also allows access to Bravia Internet widgets, and though little information about them is available you can expect weather, stock tickers and Yahoo 7 headlines to all feature prominently. Bolstering this connectivity is DLNA streaming and the provision of four HDMI ports.

Its companion, the Bravia NX800, is essentially a larger version of the same units, with the exception that it has 200Hz MotionFlow technology on-board, whereas the NX700 has 100Hz MotionFlow. Also launching on the the Australian market in March 2010, the NX800 is offered in two larger screen sizes — 52 inches (AU$4999) and 60 inches (AU$6999).

All four televisions will be available in March 2010.