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Sony Bravia KDL46HX900

The Sony Bravia KDL46HX900 is one of the company's flagship models and features a high-contrast LED backlight, internet TV and optional 3D.

updated Sony has unveiled three ranges capable of displaying 3D TV: the LX900, the HX800 and HX900. While the LX900 comes with 3D on-board, the two other series need a 3D add-on. Of the HX series, we would pick the HX900 as the screen with the potential for best quality, and the 3D option just gives it some added flexibility.

The Sony Bravia KDL46HX900 features a 1920x1080 resolution and features an "Intelligent Dynamic LED" backlight which should offer a higher contrast level than the edge-lit HX800. Sony's LED backlight allows the screen to turn sections off for higher contrast, and based on a brief demo of a moving white image on a black screen it appeared to work well — without the haloing we've seen on competing technologies.

The HX900 is also pretty tricked up with other features as it comes with Ethernet connectivity bringing DLNA content and IPTV in the form of Bravia Internet Video. And the battle of the hertz hasn't abated yet, with Sony's latest motion compensation feature now featuring MotionFlow PRO 400. But as with any of these technologies we don't expect it to be eight times smoother than standard PAL 50Hz.

The HX900 comes in a choice of two sizes, the 46-inch Sony Bravia KDL46HX900 (AU$4,699), and the 52-inch KDL52HX900 (AU$5,699). Both feature the company's new "Monolithic Design" aesthetic and are adjustable between vertical and six degrees — for low tables, you see.

The TV will be available in July, and meanwhile pricing for the the 3D add-ons has been announced, with the 3D receiver being AU$69 while the glasses will cost AU$99 each.

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