Sony Bravia EX503 (KDL-40EX503) review: Sony Bravia EX503 (KDL-40EX503)

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The Good Good black levels;. Great internet features;. Natural colours;. Built-in Freeview HD tuner.

The Bad Some slight motion blur.

The Bottom Line Excellent sound and picture quality, great Internet services and a Freeview HD tuner combine to make the 40-inch KDL-40EX503 an impressive mid-range TV from Sony.

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8.3 Overall

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With traditional CCFL backlighting, a 1080p display and Freeview HD tuner, the 40-inch Sony Bravia KDL-40EX503 is considerably cheaper than the LED-backlit models in the company's premium EX703 range. You can pick one up from the company's website for £869, or online for around £650, which is quite reasonable by Sony's standards.

LCD TV packs Freeview HD

At just under 10cm deep, the EX503 is quite chunky in comparison to today's LED models, but the set's design does a fairly good job of hiding the extra girth. The back of the chassis curves away from the edge of the bezel to produce a more slimline look. The front of the telly is finished in glossy black, and there's a dark, brushed metal finish on the panel that runs across the bottom edge of the TV. So while it's not the best-looking telly around, it still manages to come across as reasonably stylish.

At 99mm thick, the EX503 is much chunkier than its slimline LED counterparts.

Setting up the TV is a breeze using Sony's XrossMediaBar menu system, which is similar to that found on the company's games consoles. Since the EX503 has a Freeview HD tuner built in, once all the channels are tuned you'll find the high-definition stations nestled beside the standard-definition ones in the TV's excellent electronic programme guide.

Connect four!

You'll have no problems hooking your AV kit up to the EX503, as there are plenty of ports mounted on the side and rear, including four HDMI ports, a set of component inputs and two Scart sockets. Naturally, there's an optical digital audio output, so you can feed the audio from the Freeview HD tuner to an external surround-sound amp. Sony hasn't forgotten about digital media, either, as the set has a USB port as well as an Ethernet socket.

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