Sony Bravia EX43B (KDL-40EX43B) review: Sony Bravia EX43B (KDL-40EX43B)

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The Good Natural colours;. Built in Blu-ray drive;. Sharp HD pictures.

The Bad Black levels aren't as good as LED sets;. Weedy sound.

The Bottom Line The 40-inch Sony Bravia KDL-40EX43B produces impressively rich and vivid pictures, but its speakers are something of a let-down. Sound aside, Sony has done a good job of integrating the Blu-ray player into this set's menu system.

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8.3 Overall

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We're used to seeing DVD/TV combos on smaller sets from budget manufacturers, but it's not all that often you see them from big-name brands. Sony has updated the 2-in-1 concept here -- this 40-inch LCD TV has a Blu-ray player tucked away on the right-hand side of its chassis. Priced at around £800, is it a great money and space saver, or just a car-crash combo?

Beast of a box

The set uses traditional CCFL for backlighting rather than LEDs. This, combined with the extra girth needed to house the on-board Blu-ray player, means it's quite a chunky beast, measuring a full 116mm deep. The rest of the design isn't much to get excited about, either. It's decked out in a pretty anonymous glossy black finish with just an aluminium-style panel across the bottom to add a touch of interest.

Despite the addition of the Blu-ray drive, Sony has still included three HDMI ports, along with component and Scart inputs, which is a sensible move. For digital-media playback and Internet streaming, the TV also has two USB ports and an Ethernet jack, which it puts to good use. You can use the USB port to play music files, photos and videos -- including those in DivX and Xvid formats. You can also stream media across a network to the set using either the Ethernet ports or an optional Wi-Fi adaptor that connects to one of the USB ports. Like other TVs we've reviewed recently with this feature, the set would only stream videos from a Windows 7 laptop -- it refused to work with a Vista PC and a Linksys network-attached-storage (NAS) drive.

More impressive is the set's line-up of Internet-streaming services. These include staples such as YouTube and Dailymotion, alongside some more exciting options like Lovefilm, Five On Demand, Eurosport and -- perhaps most useful of all -- the BBC's iPlayer. All are very easy to use and work surprisingly well.

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