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Sony Bravia EX1 (KDL-52EX1) review: Sony Bravia EX1 (KDL-52EX1)

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The Good Bold design; wireless AV system seems stable enough; good picture quality.

The Bad One or two processing side effects; doesn't use the latest Bravia Engine 3 processing system; wireless system can't support 1080p; sound quality isn't great; painfully expensive.

The Bottom Line The Sony Bravia KDL-52EX1 ultimately comes across as something of an oddball. It offers a futuristic design and some cutting-edge tech, but in some ways feels like it's a generation behind other current TVs. Its price seems inexplicably high too

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7.5 Overall

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We assume Sony's mad-scientist division is responsible for creating the 52-inch, 1080p Bravia KDL-52EX1 LCD TV. As well as its outlandish looks, it has one of the most confusing feature sets that our poor, aching brains have ever come across, and its £2,000 price tag is just plain insane.

Nutjob design
As with most slightly bonkers things, the KDL-52EX1 is no shrinking violet. For starters, the bezel around its already monumental screen is one of the widest we've ever seen, giving the TV truly gargantuan proportions. The bezel's unusual glossy white finish is given added emphasis by its slender black outer frame. Some folk will undoubtedly love this bold design, but we're sure that just as many people will hate it.

It's worth adding that the screen sits unusually low down on its provided desktop pedestal. This is significant because, combined with the appearance of the chassis, it gives the impression that the set is a vast photo frame. Indeed, the KDL-52EX1 sports Sony's low-power Picture Frame mode, which lets you leave photos and artwork on-screen when you're not watching anything.

Another interesting design twist is that the KDL-52EX1 comes in two parts. Sony has decided to take the tuner and connections out of the TV's body and build them into an external multimedia box that connects to the set wirelessly. This will suit anyone who wants to hang the KDL-52EX1 on a wall, as you won't have to worry about hiding reams of cables. But there's a catch -- Sony's current wireless AV system can't support 1080p signals of the sort beloved by most serious Blu-ray devotees, only supporting up to 1080i. You can get 1080p/24p onto the screen via the single HDMI port, but this doesn't sit well with the wireless concept.

The KDL-52EX1 is an aesthetically striking set that's particularly suited to hanging on a wall, thanks to its wireless connectivity

Inputs on the media box include a respectable three HDMI sockets, and a USB port that's able to play quite a variety of multimedia file formats. The KDL-52EX1 also sports 100Hz processing, but oddly only uses Sony's Bravia Engine 2 video system, rather than the much-improved Bravia Engine 3 system now adorning many of Sony's other TVs.

Disappointing audio
The first thing to say about the KDL-52EX1's performance is that its sound is strangely disappointing. You'd have thought that having such a massive body would have enabled it to carry some pretty serious speakers, but audio struggles to break free of the TV's body, as well as sounding light on bass and sometimes harsh and hissy. The best that can be said is that the sound stage is quite good at bringing out subtle details in a movie mix.

Retro images
The KDL-52EX1's pictures are fairly good, though. In fact, with bright, relatively static high-definition footage, we might even go so far as to say they're very good. It's pleasing to note, too, that they're not badly affected when delivered to the TV wirelessly, although, as we mention below, pictures can look slightly soft. Overall, however, the set's images seem to belong more to Sony's 2008 range of TVs than its 2009 efforts. This is something that's hard to forgive, considering the set's high price.

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