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Sony Bloggie Touch MHS-TS review: Sony Bloggie Touch MHS-TS

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The Mini-HDMI port and USB connector are the only inputs/outputs, by the way, so if you're hoping to connect an external mic or headphones, it won't happen. Some might be disappointed by the battery, too, since it's not removable or replaceable by the user. Also, the only cable that comes with the Bloggie Touch is a USB extension cable; you'll have to supply your own Mini-HDMI cable.

Probably the best part about the Bloggie Touch is that it's easy to use: turn it on and press record. The screen is responsive and really the only reasons to regularly touch it are to change video/photo resolution and to enter playback. There is a slider for the 4x digital zoom, but the resulting video is so bad you won't want to use it. You can activate a self-timer, too, for 2 or 10 seconds, but I'm guessing that won't get used too often either. There's an icon for entering the main menu system, but after the initial setup there's little need to go back to it.

In playback, you get controls for play/pause, fast forward and rewind, volume, deleting photos and videos, and tagging them for sharing on Facebook, Flickr, or YouTube, or with groups of people you've set up using Sony's Personal Space online storage. (Sony gives you a whole 1GB storage for free!) But other than the ability to protect stuff from being deleted off the device, there are no extras like the option to trim clips or add effects.

Sony Bloggie Software
The editing and sharing software on the Bloggie Touch is light on features, though it does look nice.

For the Bloggie Touch, Sony revamped its Picture Motion Browser software that was previously embedded on its minicamcorders and cameras. The new application, simply called Bloggie Software, is attractive and simple. You can't do much with it other than organize, share, and trim video clips. It does those things well enough, but in comparison to what you get on Flip Video or Kodak minicamcorders, the offering is weak. It is, however, available for Windows and Mac computers.

If you're looking for a simple shoot-and-share minicamcorder, the Bloggie Touch is a good option. That is, as long as you understand its limitations.

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