Sony BDP-S570 review: Sony BDP-S570

Recognising how difficult all this content is to navigate, the BDP-S570 offers a separate search app, which allows you to do a keyword trawl. We recommend just typing random things into the search bar and seeing what comes up.

3D compatibility is the Blu-icing on this player cake

In 3D guise, the S570 is perfectly well behaved. We auditioned it with a selection of 3D screens (Panasonic, Samsung and Sony) and found no incompatibilities or quirks. With standard Blu-ray discs, it squeezes hi-def detail onto screen with ruthless efficiency. Image quality is not quite as accomplished as last year's BDP-S760, which utilised the high-performance video chipset from the brand's top-range BDP-S5000ES model, but it comes close -- and the improved feature specification outweighs any niggles.

The BDP-S570 is also a reassuringly good DVD spinner. Standard definition is upscaled (rather well) to 1080p over HDMI, meaning those with smaller screen sizes are unlikely to feel a need to immediately repurchase their disc collections.

Audiophiles will appreciate that fact that the deck can play Super Audio CDs. It can decode to PCM, or stream DSD if you have a Sony AV receiver that accepts DSD over HDMI. The precision and clarity of David Bowie's Heathen, a marvellous multi-channel mix on SACD, is thrilling on the S570. The beautiful sound design, with clean crisp vocals and bouncing bass, makes you wish they still released real records on the format rather than beardy chin-scratching nonsense.

The BDP-S570 displays album art during CD playback, pulled from Gracenote. Sadly, this neat feature doesn't work for SACDs.

CD playback pales a little in comparison, but is good enough when delivered via the digital outputs. The player will pull album art from Gracenote when you load a disc, which is a neat touch. That said, it doesn't do this when fed SACDs.

Blu-ray disc loading times are fast. Lou Reed's Berlin (from Artificial Eye) went from tray loading to menu screen in 30 seconds, and the remastered Goldfinger (Fox Home Entertainment) served up the 007 logo in 46 seconds.


We think the Sony BDP-S570 is insanely good value for money. Its feature specification is generous and its overall disc-spinning performance fabulous. Throw in BBC iPlayer and the sprawling smorgasbord that is the Bravia Internet Video portal and you have a formidable home entertainment machine.

Edited by Emma Bayly

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