Sling Media Slingbox Solo review: Sling Media Slingbox Solo

The Good Looks; better picture quality than before.

The Bad Lacks a Freeview tuner; supports only one source at a time.

The Bottom Line The Sling Media Slingbox Solo is fantastic. If you're not bothered by the fact it only supports one source at a time, and lacks a TV tuner, the Solo is the best way to control and watch your TV on a laptop or mobile phone

8.8 Overall

The Sling Media Slingbox Solo is the entry-level alternative to the Slingbox Pro. Like its big brother, it gives you access to whatever's on your home TV via mobile phone or laptop regardless of where you are in the world. It's available now for £179.

The Slingbox Solo is probably the most attractive of all the Slingbox models. Whereas the Pro is enormous, plasticky and ugly, the Solo is comparatively small, finished in glossy metal and has a contemporary air. It's by no means perfect, but this is the first Slingbox product we'd happily display alongside the rest of our AV kit.

The basic functionality of the Slingbox Solo is the same as the original Slingbox and Slingbox Pro. It lets you watch and control your home TV on an Internet-enabled laptop or mobile phone, and does so very well.

Like the Slingbox Pro, the Slingbox Solo can be hooked up to an HD source. Fortunately, it doesn't require the unwieldy HD Connect Cable arrangement seen on the Slingbox Pro -- you simply attach a component AV cable and off you go. The device also includes composite and S-Video ports.

The Slingbox Solo (and indeed the Slingbox Pro) processes video faster than the original Slingbox. It has a bandwidth of 8Mbps, a four-fold improvement over the 2Mbps Slingbox of old.

It didn't manage the full 8Mbps in our tests, but the image quality was vastly improved over the original Slingbox when used over a wired network. Sport, in particular, went from simply being watchable to being close to broadcast quality. Movies looked great, too, particularly those with subtitles, as text is now sharper.

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