Slappa Ballistix Aura Pro review: Slappa Ballistix Aura Pro

Aside from the inner gear bag and the outer laptop sleeve, the rest feels a bit bare-bones: two front zippered compartments with a few gadget pockets, two small zippered compartments on the side, and two elastic mesh pockets, and that's it. For a bag of this size, a few more messenger-bag-style subcompartments for storing magazines or documents would have been nice.

The padded straps and back are nicely designed and definitely feel comfortable, if rigid. This isn't a backpack that fits several ways; it rests in one correct configuration, and feels more like wearable luggage when using the straps. On a subway, we felt like the bull in that often-discussed china shop.

If you're a digital photographer who wants a wearable carry-on bag for weekend trips with a camera, laptop, and more, check out the Ballistix Aura Pro. Otherwise, you might be better served elsewhere.

The Ballistix Aura Pro has a 180-day replacement warranty if purchased through retail, or a 360-day warranty if purchased through its Web site (why they couldn't add five more days and make it a year, don't ask us).

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