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Skitch review: Skitch

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The Good Skitch lets you create quick and easy image and map annotations to express your ideas visually. As an Evernote app, it now syncs across platforms so you can pick up where you left off.

The Bad Evernote compatibility means you must log in to save. You can no longer use satellite images in the app. Most importantly, you can't name your files.

The Bottom Line The Skitch update adds new features while taking away important older ones. It's an excellent way to quickly get your ideas across to someone, but it needs some work for it to become your go-to app for annotating images, Web sites, and maps.


7.7 Overall
  • Setup 9
  • Features 6
  • Interface 8
  • Performance 9

Skitch is a photo, map, and Web site snapshot app with annotation tools so you can comment on content and draw arrows and other graphics to get your point across. Evernote bought Skitch recently and this is the first major release as part of the Evernote family of apps.

Skitch is a very useful tool for expressing ideas visually with a simple tool palette and a number of handy features. You can snap a fresh photo, pull one from the iOS library, bring up a map, draw on a blank page, or capture a portion of a Web site for annotations.

Once you have something on the screen, you can open the tool palette by touching a spring-loaded drawer on the right. You can choose from stretchable arrows, text, basic shapes, a pen, pixelation (to hide names for example), and a cropping tool. You also can pick from a basic assortment of colors along with three line widths. If you make a mistake, there are both undo and redo buttons that show up in the lower left. The interface is very simple and makes it so anyone can make quick annotations.

When you're finished adding notes, you have separate sharing options depending on whether you use an iPhone or iPad. On the iPhone, you can create a public link that you can direct people to on the Web, share via e-mail, or save it to your camera roll. On the iPad, you get the same options, but additionally you can display it on other devices via AirPlay.

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