These cool shoes take gaming out of your hands and put it on your feet

Parents, teachers and anyone who uses public transport rejoice: Kids can now play loud games with flashing lights direct from their shoes, thanks to Skechers.

Nic Healey Senior Editor / Australia
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Nic Healey
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Do you like walking, but wish there was a cool game waiting to be played as soon as you sat down? Well assuming you're a small child, you'll love the Game Kick 2.

Last year was when sneaker manufacturer Skechers launched the first Game Kick, a kid's shoe that had the game Simon built into the side. Simon, in case your childhood is a little too far away to recall, was the electronic game that had you struggling to remember to recall and repeat the increasingly complex order in which a series of coloured panels would light up. Described that way it sounds hellish, but trust me, if the batteries were dead on your Game and Watch Oil Panic handheld, Simon was the next best thing.

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For the Game Kick 2, Skechers have gone all out, replacing Simon with a 'follow the light' game, that's really just a fancy version of wack-a-mole. Inside of sitting on the side, the game sits on the upper part of the shoe. There's even an infra-red remote that sits in a pocket on the shoe, meaning kids can put their feet up, lie back and relax with a series of flashing lights and loud noises. Mercifully, there's also a mute button.

Nic Healey/CNET

On the boys' shoe the lights are fighter planes and on the girls' it's smiling fruit. Despite the fact it's 2016 and that really shouldn't be a thing that happens anymore.

The Game Kick 2 is still the same $65 as the original (around AU$90 or 40) and they'll be on sale in June, just in time for school to start up again.