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Editors' note, February 22, 2013: Updated with price and availability date.

LAS VEGAS--The Sigma DP series of cameras, which are based on the Merrill generation of the Foveon sensor -- an effective 14.8-megapixel sensor array with stacked rather than staggered color filters -- are the closest competitors in spirit (and price) to Fujifilm's X100 and now X100S. Unlike Fujifilm, which combines photographic simplicity with high-tech power, Sigma concentrates on the simple and relies on the Foveon sensor to differentiate itself. The past few generations have seen some tweaks but essentially the DP series remains the same from generation to generation. The latest model, the DP3 Merrill, is no different: it's basically the same as the DP2 but with a new lens. It incorporates a 50mm (75mm-equivalent) f2.8 lens rather than the 30mm f2.8 lens of the DP2.

The price of the DP2 now sits at just under $1,000; the price and availability of the DP3 has not yet been revealed. the DP3 will run $999 and be available in early March.