Sharp's black glass dishwasher funnels water where you need it

Point the water jets where you need them in Sharp's newest black glass dishwasher.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer

After showing off a dishwasher that opened its door automatically at IFA last year, Sharp's kicking off 2017 with a couple new dishwasher features. On display at the LivingKitchen trade show in Cologne, Sharp's new high-end model runs quickly and lets you point certain water jets where you need the extra cleaning power.


Sharp describes this dishwasher's finish as "sultry."


The Sharp QW-D41F452B sports a black glass finish that Sharp calls "sultry" and holds up to 15 place settings of dishes. If you only load four place settings, Sharp's speed cycle is an impressive 18 minutes. The QW-D41F452B also has spray arms on the left and right of the bottom bin, to help douse your dishes more thoroughly.

The aimable water jets are called "Aquaglide." Essentially, you can funnel water into deep bottles or glasses on the top rack, or turn the jets downward and add extra coverage to the bottom rack. Aiming jets into bottles isn't anything new. GE Appliances has specific bottle jets on a number of its dishwashers, but you can't aim those bottle jets down if you don't need them.

I'll hope to see these aimable water jets in the US at some point, as well as Sharp's automatically opening dishwasher door. For now, though, the QW-D41F452B is slated only for Europe. The price will be especially reasonable for a high-end model: €650. That converts to around $700, £570 and AU$920.