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Sharp Aquos LC60LE630X review: Sharp Aquos LC60LE630X

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The Good Decent sharpness. Plenty of viewing acreage.

The Bad Difficult to calibrate. Edge-lighting splotches.

The Bottom Line This 60-inch LCD TV should fill the viewing space in most rooms, but with its washed-out blacks and prominent edge-lighting splotches, it's difficult to recommend, especially for those who like to turn the lights off.

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6.5 Overall

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There's nothing particularly mind shattering about the LC60LE630X's looks, but neither is there much for us to grumble about. It's a reasonable-looking black-framed TV in the mould of oh-so-many other TVs out there right now.

Flick the 630X on, though, and that sense of apathy disappears. The on-screen font is thin and wiry, much like the Modern vector font that dates back to Windows 3.1. This slender font allows for plenty of options and information to be displayed on the one screen, but it also cheapens the impression of the Sharp, and, more crucially, may be difficult to read for those hard of sight.

Compounding this are the remote control's foibles. The layout of which could do with a quick spell at finishing school, with a particular focus on ease of use, and the look and feel doesn't befit an accessory accompanying a piece of electronica retailing for just shy of AU$2.5K.


Disappointingly, in this age of portable entertainment devices there are no inputs on the side of the Aquos, although there's space on the right-hand side for a set of controls. On the back of the screen you'll find three HDMI ports, two sets of composite inputs, one component input, a USB port, a D-Sub jack and a RS-232 port.

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