The Aquos LC15L1E deals with one of the major problems that just about every TV or screen suffers from -- cable clutter. Some installations just ignore the problem, while others bury them in wall cavities or under carpets or friendly household pets. The LC15L1E's trick is to use wireless transmission to do away with the problem altogether.

The freedom to move the TV anywhere within 30m brings up all sorts of possibilities. Heading to the bathroom during that all-important final kick? Not a problem with the LC15L1E -- just watch you don't inadvertently splash it. Sharp claims the LC15L1E is watchable from a variety of angles, so issues of where to place it -- on your lap, on the desk or on the side of the BBQ -- shouldn't be a really big issue.

Downside: Portable screams one thing to us -- and that's breakable. Take it out to the BBQ, and you'll be watching over your AU$3,499 investment with a hawk's eye lest someone accidentally decorate it with a dab of tomato sauce. It's great to be able to dump the power cable thanks to the supplied Lithium battery, but we'd hate to miss the dying moments of a movie because of a fast-fading battery.

Outlook: On paper, the Aquos LC15L1E seems ideally suited to the Australian lifestyle -- portable for those times when you're on the move and yet supplying as much of the boob tube as you can possibly bear. We'll reserve our full judgement once we've had a chance to properly look this intriguing unit over, however.