Sharp Aquos LC-19D1E review: Sharp Aquos LC-19D1E

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If there's one area, above all others, where the LC-19D1E scores over the 19AV505DB, it's black level response. Even the darkest scenes in the darkest movies are dealt with well, thanks to how little greyness the LC-19D1E shows over parts of the picture that should look black.

Finally, as is so often the case, the LC-19D1E's good black levels are accompanied by rich, accurately toned colours.

As with the 19AV505DB, it's impossible not to wish that the LC-19D1E had more than one HDMI input.

It's also impossible not to wish that the LC-19D1E had better on-screen menus. Those you get are so ridiculously small that you'll need 20/20 vision and a seat only a couple of feet from the screen before you'll be able to read everything they're telling you comfortably.

Turning to that generally outstanding picture performance, the LC-19D1E does have one area where there's room for improvement: brightness. Claiming a light output of just 300cd/m2, there's no doubt that the LC-19D1E's pictures might struggle in a room rich in sunlight, such as a conservatory. But we wouldn't envisage any problems in a typical office or bedroom environment.

We also spotted a very occasional colour tone slip, usually involving objects that are supposed to be red looking fractionally orange.

So long as it's not for a conservatory, the Sharp Aquos LC-19D1E is pretty much the perfect second-room TV. After all, it's cheap, performs magnificently well by 19-inch standards and looks fantastic. In fact, now we come to think of it, maybe the LC-19D1E would also work rather well in a third and fourth room as well...

 Edited by Charles Kloet

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