Sennheiser PXC 310 headset review: Sennheiser PXC 310 headset

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The Good Excellent sound quality. Noise cancelling as good as described. Bundled in-flight headphone adapter.

The Bad Expensive. Mini design won't appeal to everyone.

The Bottom Line Noise-cancelling headphones are a necessity for any frequent flyer, and if you have the money, the PXC 310 is an excellent example of what you'll need.

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8.6 Overall

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Editor's note: the PXC 310s come in two flavours: one with Bluetooth connectivity and one without. Our review unit was the basic model with wired connectivity only.

Come with me, come fly, let's fly away! Persistent passengers of aircraft know that a good set of noise-cancelling headphones aren't just a traveller's luxury, they are an absolute necessity. The drone of aircraft noise is maddening after several hours, and worse still, will likely drown out the laugh track of those old Seinfeld re-runs you're trying to watch on the in-flight entertainment system.


The PXC 310 is what Sennhesier describes as mini-headphones. It is an over-the-ear design and while the cups will likely cover your ears, they wont envelope them the way larger cans do — like the HD 800s. The inner lining of the PXC 310 has a comfortable pleather covering, so we found these headphones didn't heat up our ears too much even after several hours of wearing them.

All of the headphone controls are on the outer face of the right-hand ear cup — the one that looks like a cross-hair inside a sniper rifle's scope. The centre button powers the 'phones on and off and the surrounding buttons control audio: up and down for volume, left and right for track selection. The left-hand ear cup is home to a small, removable Lithium-polymer battery pack, with a micro-USB slot for charging.