Secretlab's new Omega 2018 is a rocking good chair

The updated gaming chair from Singapore startup Secretlab now ships to the US, UK and Australia as well.

Aloysius Low Senior Editor
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Aloysius Low
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Singapore-based startup Secretlab isn't resting on its comfortable gaming chairs just yet, despite having great success in getting its chairs sold outside of its home country to places like the US, UK and Australia.

For its new 2018 version of its Omega line, Secretlab is wasting no time in making sure its international customers are able to get their bottoms seated on one -- the new chair is available now for $440 in the US (with a special launch price of $299), £400 in the UK (special launch price of £279) and AU$620 (launch price of AU$449).

If you're already an Omega owner, you may not want to switch, but if you're looking for a throne that can last you long gaming sessions or for use in the office, this could be something to consider, especially the new Ash model, which isn't too ostentatious for use even in a business setting.

Of course, the only reason for paying so much for a chair is for support and comfort, and the new Omega delivers this in spades with its cold cured foam and memory foam lumbar pillow. I had colleagues at the CNET office in Singapore try it out, and they were impressed at how much more comfortable the chairs were compared to our usual office seats.


If you're worried about the chair tipping over, fret not. I've put it to plenty of napping tests.

Aloysius Low/CNET

The padded foam bottoms don't sink in, giving your butt ample support. Like most gaming chairs, the Omega can do a very steep recline, but it's well balanced enough you don't ever feel like you're toppling over. It takes some time to get over your fear though, but lying down in the office to take a power nap has never been easier. There's also a lock to keep it from springing back, in case you're too light to keep the chair titled backwards (as some of my female colleagues discovered).

The armrests have been upgraded with a soft touch material, and are slightly wider as well. They feature four axis of rotation, so you can tweak them to your comfort (which you should, because it really helps support your wrists when typing.)

I've spent a week seated in the Omega, and compared to my office chair's poor back support, the Omega has been great in keeping my lower back pains away, even after hours of being seated while working on my reviews.

All in all, the new Omega 2018 is a worthy successor to the company's chair line up -- though if you already own a good chair (like the previous Omega), it may not make financial sense to upgrade, after all, the current chair still has a few years left. But if you're keen, feel free to head over to Secretlab's online store to check it out.


Retailing for $440 in the US (with a special launch price of $299), £400 in the UK (special launch price of £279) and AU$620 (launch price of AU$449), the Omega 2018 isn't a cheap chair, but it's competitively priced against the competition.

Aloysius Low/CNET