Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home review: Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home

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The Good Simple setup. USB port for printer sharing. Media file sharing.

The Bad User creation limited unless you pay for pro features. Backup software is a trial version. Lacks RAID. Some pro features should be standard, not paid extras.

The Bottom Line Seagate's latest NAS solution offers the basics of backup and streaming, but to access its best features, you’ll have to pay an annual subscription fee.

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7.1 Overall

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Seagate's latest take on a single drive NAS, the FreeAgent GoFlex Home, is black, boxy and comes in two distinct parts. The hard drive portion, like many of Seagate's recent drives, isn't much to look at.

A square black box with an interface port on the bottom that clicks into the main GoFlex Home interface dock. This is one of the Home's selling points, in that you can upgrade your drive capacity by plugging in a different GoFlex Desk drive in the future, although you'd need to side-shuffle your data off the old drive and onto the new one in order to accommodate that.


We tested the AU$229 1TB version of the GoFlex Home; a AU$329 2TB version is also available. The dock itself supplies power and a standard ethernet port, as well as a USB port for printer sharing. The GoFlex Home can also act as a media server out to the GoFlex TV and games consoles.

Seagate also offers a "Pro" version of its tools, which you can access for free for thirty days. This includes the ability to add unlimited accounts to your GoFlex Home (by default it only supports a measly five users), Cooliris' interface (also seen on Hitachi's Life Studio Mobile Plus) and external access from PC or smartphone. The external access features we can see a justified case for being a paid feature, but charging users to add extra user accounts to hardware they already own? That's shameless profiteering, Seagate, and we plain don't like it.

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