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Scosche Increased Dynamic Range Earphones review: Scosche Increased Dynamic Range Earphones

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The Good The IDR655m in-ear headphones from Scosche offer ear-whopping fistfuls of bass, along with an inline remote and mic, a shirt clip, a generous selection of ear tips, and a classy leather carrying case.

The Bad The unapologetically bass-heavy sound isn't flattering for some types of music, and unlike an EQ preset, there's no switching it off.

The Bottom Line If you own an iPod or iPhone and tend to listen to music with the bass EQ cranked all the way up, the IDR655m headphones are easy to recommend. For sonic versatility, look elsewhere.

7.0 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 8
  • Performance 6

The Scosche IDR655m headphones are the company's best effort to date. With a list price of $99, they deliver a big sound, stylish design, and plenty of extras. Toe-to-toe with Apple's own $79 In-Ear headphones, the IDR655m can't match the crisp sonic detail, but they deliver considerably beefier low-end, additional ear tips, a sturdier cable, and a more convenient carrying case.

The IDR655m are a good-looking, great-fitting pair of headphones, with plenty of small design details to appreciate. The headphones start with a metal-reinforced 3.5mm plug, and 4.5 feet of black braided-cloth cable run from the plug to the headphones, providing a high-end texture that minimizes tangles and won't show age and wear as easily as Apple's all-white designs.

Along the way, you'll find an in-line three-button remote located 14 inches from the earpieces, dangling right at chest level. The remote offers control over volume and a single multipurpose button for play, pause, skip, call answer/end/hold, and Voice Control. All three buttons are made from a soft rubber, and are each given a unique embossment to help distinguish them by feel alone. Around 9 inches up, you'll also find a Tic-Tac-size microphone on the cable leading to the right earpiece.

Finally, you have the earpieces themselves, which are encased in a combination matte black and chrome-finished plastic. There's a rubber sheath that directs the cord into the earpiece, acting as both reinforcement and a dampener for cable vibrations. There are two pinhole acoustic ports on the back of each earpiece, giving the 11mm single-driver design a little more air to push around and allowing some outside noise to slip through.

The IDR655m come with a whopping total of six pairs of interchangeable silicone ear tips, with three pairs that use a single-piece design, and three that use a dual-flanged design. Each set of three are offered with small, medium, and large fittings. The aperture of the chamber going into your ear is about 0.2 inch in diameter, giving it less leeway for small ears than in-ear headphones based around balanced-armature drivers, such as the Etymotic HF2, or Klipsch Image X5, but still a fairly typical fit for this price. A perforated mesh filter is housed inside the aperture to prevent ear wax from entering the chamber. Unlike the Apple In-Ear headphones, the filters are not removable or replaceable, so keep your ears clean, folks.

Despite the cloth cable, inline remote, and separate inline microphone, the IDR655m are surprisingly light and comfortable. With the correct fit, fatigue on your ear is minimal.

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