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LAS VEGAS--The mobile tech revolution isn't limited to entertainment products. The $150 Scanadu Scout by startup company Scanadu plans to upset the world of medical devices too.

Billed as the fictional "Star Trek" medical tricorder come to life, the Scanadu Scout can read important biometric stats such as blood flow, blood oxygen level, electrical heart activity (ECG), temperature, and heart rate, all noninvasively.

Feeling under the weather? Confirm your status with the Scanadu Scout. Brian Bennett/CNET
An infrared scanner on the Scanadu Scout reads various medical data without being invasive. Brian Bennett/CNET

Just hold the small, flat, square gadget's infrared sensor up to your temple for 10 seconds and the Scanadu Scout captures a reading -- access to armpits or other more sensitive body parts not required.

10 seconds is all it takes to take a reading. Brian Bennett/CNET

Scanadu will provide companion mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. The Scout also syncs medical data with compatible phones via a wireless Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

You'll have to sit tight before the Scanadu Scout replaces your old mercury-filled home thermometer. The product is undergoing FDA review and likely won't hit store shelves until the end of the year.