Sanyo's new LCD televisions sit at the lower end of the market due to their price, but thankfully their specs don't match the bargain cost. The widescreen, 37-inch LCD37XRI features 1366x768 pixel resolution, brightness of 550nit and a contrast ratio of 600:1. What's particularly impressive at this price range is the inclusion of an HDMI connector, as well as the more standard component, composite, S-Video, SCART and D-Sub inputs. Other features include an analog tuner, picture-in-picture capabilities, progressive scan and more.

With a 16ms response time, the Sanyo isn't the quickest LCD on the block, and fast moving scenes may show some blur. The LCD37XRI's design is only decent, if a little uninspiring. The television has the same black bezel and metallic silver surround that you've seen in countless other flat-screen televisions. While it's certainly not ugly, the LCD37XRI won't win any design awards.

Our experiences with Sanyo visual products in the past have been generally positive, so we expect decent performance from the LCD37XRI.