The Sansaire Delta keeps most of its sous vide components underwater.


Sous vide appliance maker Sansaire has dreamed up a brand-new gadget, the $249 Sansaire Delta. This clip-shaped device mounts on standard household stock pots to create water baths at precisely controlled temperatures. That's a huge help for home gourmets who seek consistent and delicious results, especially when cooking expensive or unforgiving ingredients.

Sansaire says the Delta is designed to gently heat meat, poultry, fish and vegetables to exact degrees of doneness. Like many immersion circulator-style sous vide products, the Delta functions by swirling water inside a large container while heating the liquid to a specific temperature.

Placed in vacuum-sealed plastic bags, food items cook underwater and never beyond the temperature you've selected. It's a technique first pioneered in professional kitchens that has now begun to appear in the home thanks to gadgets like the $199 Anova Precision Cooker Bluetooth + Wi-Fi and $250 WiFi Nomiku.

This sous vide goes for svelteness

Of course Sansaire isn't exactly new to sous vide. The company began as a crowdfunded startup in 2013, hawking the original $199 Sansaire Sous Vide Circulator. That device, which Sansaire still sells, has a rather conventional design and cylindrical tower shape. Anova's and Nomiku's circulators take a similar approach.

An app permits more control.


Not so with the Delta. As its name suggests, the machine sports a distinctive triangular body that appears both thinner and sleeker than a typical circulator. The Delta's front face, the part that hangs outside your pot, has an attractive LED display to communicate the current water temperature.

Smart app control

Unlike its predecessor, the Delta has an internal Wi-Fi radio that links it to a companion mobile app (iOS and Android). You can use the app to input cooking instructions, and it tracks cook time and notifies you when it's time to remove food from the machine. You also have the option of creating personal recipes and saving them for later if things turn out well.


If the idea of owning a Sansaire Delta makes your mouth water, the device is currently up for preorder for $199, or $50 off the final price. Sansaire expects to get the product into customers' hands as early as August in the US (the 110V model). Sansaire also plans to sell the Delta in Europe and eventually the UK and Australia (the 220V model), where the US price converts to around £200 or AU$325.

Check back soon though, since we expect the Delta to make an appearance at this year's International Home and Housewares Show in March.