Samsung YEPP YP-780V

We wish you could get this cool little player here, but you can't.

Jasmine France Former Editor
Samsung YEPP YP-780V
Quick Take: Since the release of the iPod with its touch-sensitive Click Wheel, we've seen the emergence of a few other players that utilize Synaptics's touch-pad technology--but not many. With the iPod and a couple of new "touch enabled" products from Creative, it's safe to say that the integration of touch-sensitive controls could be the latest trend in MP3 players. Thus, we can probably expect Samsung's YEPP YP-780V to come to the States. For the time being, though, you'll have to admire it from afar, as it's available only in parts of Europe and Asia.
On the face of the YP-780V, which features a 256MB capacity, you'll find orange-backlit touch-sensitive controls arranged in the gridlike fashion often seen on cell phones. Although this layout doesn't appear to leave much room for a screen--the LCD is tiny--it almost certainly makes navigation a breeze. Plus, Samsung compensates for its visual shortcoming in the features department, by including the company's signature SRS WOW surround-sound effect; an FM tuner; and voice, line-in, and FM recording. And all this comes in a stylishly compact (1.77 by 2.87 by 0.69 inches) and light (1.6 ounces) body. The estimated battery life of more than 20 hours is also impressive.