CNET did not review the Samsung UNF5500 series of LED LCD TVs, but we did review the UNF5000 series.

The main difference between the two is that the 5500 series has the company's Smart TV suite, while the 5000 series does not. That suite includes all of the features described in the Smart TV section of the UNF6300 review, and the 5500 has the same remote control. The F5000's remote is smaller and more basic.

The F5500 has the same kind of four-legged swivel stand as the UNF6300, rather than the basic, nonswiveling pedestal of the UNF5000. The 5500 also has three HDMI inputs compared with two on the 5000.

We expect picture quality to be very similar between the UNF5500 and the UNF5000. Samsung says the two TVs have different processors, although no difference is visible on the spec sheet, so any processor differences will be minor. Our best guess is that, if there is any difference, the 5500 may perform marginally better then the 5000 in terms of video processing.

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