Samsung UE32EH5000 review: Samsung UE32EH5000

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The Good Very affordable; Great picture quality; Solid sound; USB digital media playback.

The Bad Only two HDMI ports; Chunky chassis; No smart TV features.

The Bottom Line Strong sound and excellent picture quality (once you've fiddled with the picture options) make the Samsung UE32EH5000 a cracking budget TV. It may lack fancy extras like smart TV features and 3D support, but you'll struggle to find a better budget TV than this for under £300.

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8.8 Overall

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If you're not bothered about smart TV features or 3D support and just want a TV that doesn't cost the Earth then Samsung's 32EH5000 looks like a good bet. You can pick it up for as little as £270 online, but unlike some budget 32-inch sets it does have a Full HD resolution and a Freeview HD tuner on board.

User interface and EPG

The 32EH5000's menu system lacks the homescreen that's found on Samsung's higher-end models, which isn't surprising as it's also without smart TV features. Nevertheless, its menus still have the same colourful aesthetic as the company's pricier models, with snazzy looking icons and clean white text presented on a light blue background. The menus are easy to find your way around too, so tweaking sound or picture presets is a cinch.

Samsung UE32EH5000
The EPG on the 32EH5000 looks bright and cheery.

This model also has an excellent programming guide. It's laid out horizontally, with the channel names listed on the left and the upcoming shows displayed on a timeline grid to the right. There's a video window in the top left-hand corner too, so you can keep an eye on the programme you're watching while checking out the guide to see what you might want to catch later. The text used for the programming information is reasonably large, so it's easy to read from a distance even on this TV's relatively small screen.

Naturally there are Now and Next banners that you can call up instead of opening the full guide, and there's also an Info banner to give you information about the current show you're tuned too. One slight annoyance with the Info banner is that it doesn't show you the full summary of the show. Instead, it only displays one line of the summary and you have to press the red button on the remote to open a box showing the full text. On most other sets you can view this information with a single button press, rather than the two you have to use here. Still, it's a slight niggle rather than a major problem.

Design and connections

The 32EH5000 is one of the fattest LED TVs I've ever seen. In fact it looks much more like a traditional LCD display when you take it out of the box, simply because the chassis is so deep -- it extends back from the front of the screen by a full 94mm. It is slimmer at the edges, but overall it's a bulbous set. It feels quite plasticky too, especially the pedestal stand which is fixed and doesn't swivel.

Samsung UE32EH5000
Annoyingly this set only has two HDMI ports, whereas most other manufacturers offer three ports on their 32-inch models.

You might think from this description that it's ugly, but actually that's not the case. When it's viewed from the front it's got a relatively slim bezel and also a nice looking angular section at the bottom that funnels down towards the stand.

Samsung seems to be on a bizarre crusade to cut down on the number of HDMI ports it offers on its TVs. This model only has two HDMI ports. On most rival manufacturer's 32-inch TVs you get three. Nevertheless, it does have a full sized Scart socket as well as a set of component inputs. The green phono socket on the component input doubles up as the composite input however, so you can't have both component and composite devices connected at the same time. The optical digital audio output means you can feed audio from the on-board Freeview HD tuner to an external amp though.

There's no Wi-Fi on board, and although there's an Ethernet socket it's not actually used by the TV. That might sound a little strange, but it could be there just so the set confomrs to the Freeview HD specification, which makes an Ethernet socket mandatory on all Freeview HD-branded TVs. There is a single USB port for playing back media files.

Digital media

This model unfortunately doesn't have Samsung's impressive Smart TV system on board. For that you'll have to step up to the 32EH5300, which costs around £50 more. It also lacks the ability to record from the Freeview HD tuner to USB drives.

Samsung UE32EH5000
The on-board media player will play back HD MKV files from USB drives.

The good news is that it does sport a USB port, and you can use this to play back a range of digital media files including photos, music and videos. It supports a reasonably broad range of files types too, as I had no problems playing 720p HD MKV files, as well as various MP4 and Xvid videos.

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