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Samsung U800 review: Samsung U800

The Good Design; good battery life; excellent range of features.

The Bad Average music player; camera lacks autofocus.

The Bottom Line The U800 looks clean and modern, is easy to use and has a good range of features. As well as supporting HSDPA for fast downloads, it has dual cameras with realistic colour reproduction. If you were hankering after a Nokia 6500 Classic, we'd seriously recommend you examine this one first

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8.3 Overall

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There's no doubt that handsets like Nokia's 6500 Classic and Sony Ericsson's W880i have proved immensely popular. Samsung is looking to tackle these handsets head-on with the U800 and at first glance, it seems like a seriously stylish attempt. You can pick it up for free on a £30 contract with O2 or it'll set you back around £140 as a pay as you go.

Samsung has produced some great-looking phones in the past and the U800 is right up there with the best of them. These days the company may be best know for its slider phones, but this one shows that it can turn out a sleek candybar phone in the mould of Nokia's 6500 Classic when it puts its mind to it. Certainly the U800's metallic finish gives it a distinct air of class and we love the both phone's slim lines and its weighty feel.

Samsung has decked it out with an etched metal keypad similar to the ones found on Motorola's Razr handsets. We're not always keen on these, but the one used here feels very responsive, and as the keys are quite large it's very easy to use for texting.

The phone is built around Samsung's usual grid-based menu system, which is pretty easy to navigate. A neat touch is the way it highlights the last used menu item every time you open up the main menu screen.

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