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Samsung U100

At only 5.9mm thick, Samsung's U100 is a wafer-thin candy-bar style phone with a 3-megapixel camera built-in.

The Samsung U100 resembles the Motorola MOTOFONE F3, albeit a MOTOFONE with plenty of bling added on the sides. It's a very thin and very sleek 2G phone with integrated 3.2-megapixel camera and "around" 50MB of internal memory, according to Samsung representatives.

On the minus side, there's no external memory slot, so the internal memory is all you're going to get. It's also somewhat on the large side -- we could easily imagine slipping it into a pants pocket, forgetting about it, and doing either it or ourselves some damage if we sat up the wrong way.

On the much more significant minus side, the model Samsung had on show refused to power on for us, so we can't tell you much about the user interface or battery life.

The Samsung U100 is likely to be available shortly through Virgin mobile.

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