Samsung ST95 review: Samsung ST95

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The Good Slim, smart design; good value for money; decent touchscreen interface.

The Bad No HDMI out; only supports microSD cards.

The Bottom Line The Samsung ST95 compact camera may be little, but it's big on features. It's also easy to use, has a good touch-based interface and comes at a very fair price.

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8.3 Overall

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Samsung's current camera range includes a number of highly pocketable models, including the ST95, which is just 17mm thick. At around £150 and sporting a resolution of 16.1 megapixels, the camera certainly offers a good megapixel-per-pound ratio. But what else is there to distinguish it from the competition?

Thinner than thou

Despite its slender body, the ST95 has a decent set of specs and comes with most of the latest mod cons. The 16.1-megapixel sensor allows it to capture still photos at resolutions of up to 4,608x3,456 pixels, which is pretty much the top figure for compact cameras at the moment. The 5x optical zoom lens has a focal length of 26-130mm (35mm film equivalent), which isn't exceptional but offers a reasonable balance of wide angle and zoom reach.

The video mode records clips in 720p high definition, at 30 frames per second. You'll find cameras capable of higher quality than this elsewhere but, again, it's perfectly acceptable given the ST95's size and price. It's worth noting, though, that the ST95's mono-only microphone means your movies will have poor-quality audio. Additionally, the camera doesn't have an HDMI-out socket, so there's no easy way to play back your videos on your HD Ready TV.

Colours are very strong, although bright reds and oranges can look rather luminous. The contrast is good too and fringing is largely kept at bay (click image to enlarge).

On a related note, the only output socket available is a dual USB/AV port. It's a proprietary socket, which isn't necessarily a massive problem but could be annoying if you misplace the special cable and find that you can't use a regular one instead. Similarly, the camera stores images on microSD cards only. If you were hoping to re-use a standard-sized SD card from your old camera, think again.

Intelligence inside

The ST95 has a 'smart auto' mode that, like so many other similarly named equivalents from other manufacturers, aims to take the pain out of photography by gauging the situation independently -- close-up, landscape, night-time and so on -- and making all the appropriate adjustments for you, without you having to use either your brain or your fingers. Face-recognition, object-tracking and perfect-portrait modes make life simpler still.

Should you wish to experiment, however, you'll find that the ST95 offers a rather large selection of creative effects and tools so that you can get more from your photos. You can add stylish soft-focus, fish-eye or vignetting effects, for example. Samsung also includes a trendy miniaturisation effect, which reduces your subjects to tiny toy versions of themselves.

Access to these and other options is provided by an almost entirely button-free interface. A single home button brings up a set of icons on the 3-inch LCD touchscreen, each one representing a mode or effect that can be applied. Most effects have sliders that allow you to customise the results.

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