Samsung ST1000 review: Samsung ST1000

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The Good Excellent handling and design; high-resolution touchscreen interface; wireless tech works brilliantly.

The Bad Needs a wideangle zoom; images have an over-processed look.

The Bottom Line The Samsung ST1000 is what you get when you combine a super-slim camera with the latest wireless-connectivity and touchscreen technology. Samsung's experience in mobile-phone design surely plays a part here. We've seen wireless cameras before, but this, at last, is how it should be done

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8.8 Overall

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Most manufacturers would be happy to shoehorn just a single wireless technology into a compact camera, but Samsung has built no fewer than three into the 12.2-megapixel ST1000. This isn't just a camera -- it's a technological showcase. But how well does this stuff work, and does it justify an asking price of around £260?

Classy snapper
Even without taking into account its wireless connectivity, the ST1000 is a very classy camera. It's fairly big and heavy for a super-slim model, but the metal finish and overall look and feel are excellent. On the top, there's a power button, shutter release, zoom switch and playback button, and, on the back, there's a giant, 89mm (3.5-inch) touchscreen display that takes up almost the whole surface area.

The ST1000's images are fine generally, but, when viewed up close, they have an over-processed look in which the edges of objects are sharp but fine textures, like distant trees or brickwork, are smoothed over (click image to enlarge)

The ST1000 has the same 1,152,000-pixel display as the Samsung ST550, although it lacks the haptic feedback that makes such a big difference to its stablemate. The interface still works very well, though. The icons are clear, the screen responds promptly to a light touch, and navigation is straightforward. You might need to check stuff in the manual a couple of times, but, after that, you'll be able to work it all out for yourself.

Wireless delights
The wireless side of the ST1000 is brilliant. If you want to send a photo to someone else's phone via bluetooth, you just carry out a search for nearby devices, pick the one you want, arrange a password and, when the other device accepts the image, it's done. What if you want to send a photo by email instead? For this, you'll need a nearby wireless-access point (you can type in passwords if needed), and then you just type in the email address via an on-screen Qwerty keyboard, choose the photos you want to send, and off they go. Alternatively, you can upload them to your favourite online photo site, such as Picasa Web Albums. Again, the Qwerty keyboard makes entering usernames and passwords easy.

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