Samsung SP-61L2HX

Samsung's huge 61" (155cm) LCD rear projection television is bound be impressive in either a home theatre or gaming environment.

Jeremy Roche
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Jeremy Roche
At a whopping 61" (155cm), this LCD rear projection TV has size on its size and quite a lot of substance to back it up. It uses 720p (progressive scan) with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels to display pictures.

It also throws in Samsung's DNIe (Digital Natural Image engine) technology, which combines optimisers for contrast, colour and motion to produce high quality pictures. The SP-61L2HX boasts Dolby Pro-Logic sound and five sound modes to suit your viewing: Standard, Music, Movie, Speech and Custom.

At this price point, the SP-61L2HX is in the territory of plasmas and LCD TVs that offer great quality images in a whole lot less space.

Having a 16:9 aspect ratio and a massive screen will certainly help make watching movies or playing games on the big screen more enjoyable. However if you don't need such a large screen, we suggest checking out the range of plasma screens available for this price - merely to save valuable living room real estate.