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Samsung Series 7 Slate PC review: Samsung Series 7 Slate PC

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iTunes encoding (in seconds)

(Shorter bars indicate better performance)

Photoshop CS5 benchmark (in seconds)

(Shorter bars indicate better performance)

Multimedia multitasking test (in seconds)

(Shorter bars indicate better performance)

To get close to normal speed, we had to resort to drastic measures.

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We got close to the performance we'd expect by benchmarking in a freezer, indicating an overheating issue.
(Credit: CBSi)

The thing is, it's not just under the heavy load of Handbrake (where we recorded approximately 70 degrees Celsius temperatures on the CPU) that performance crumbles. Even the comparatively easier tasks of iTunes encoding and Photoshop actions suffered. It's not something that we regularly witness, with HP's Folio 13 the only product in recent memory to have suffered from the problem — and only via Handbrake, and nowhere near as severely. Admittedly, Samsung is packing the hardware into a tighter space than an ultrabook, but the performance promise just isn't executed.

Samsung's official response is below:

Samsung Series 7 Slate PC manages the speed of the CPU based on the operating temperature for the CPU at 70 degrees. The Samsung Slate PC CTDP (controllable thermal design power) is set at 70 degrees Celsius. This is to ensure the device is never too hot to continuously hold. Each specific model has a different design of the CTDP, depending on its intended usage. Samsung takes product quality very seriously, and is commitment to manufacturing the highest-quality products that enrich the lives of customers.

In general operation, the performance of the Slate is quite snappy, as one might expect. However, it certainly doesn't fulfil the promise of high-level performance all the time.

Battery life

Battery life (time)

  • Heavy battery test
  • Light battery test

(Longer bars indicate better performance)

The Slate does quite well indeed on battery, especially considering that Samsung has had less room to play with than the ultrabook makers.


We're quite torn on the Slate. On the one hand, as a casual product it will fulfil the user's need, and is quite nice to use. On the other hand, if someone wanted a casual tablet, they'd go iPad or Android, as the huge performance issues can't be ignored. For that reason alone, we'd recommend that if you're looking for a Windows slate, wait for Windows 8 and the new crop that will arrive.

To that end, we haven't scored it. It's not necessarily a bad product, but it is a broken one. To that degree, we recommend that you avoid it.

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