The one question you're probably asking while reading this is "why would I want a curved monitor?" Honestly, I'm right there with you.

CNET's resident TV expert, David Katzmaier does a great job laying out the pros and cons of curved screens and after perusing his article the one thing I am convinced of is that I won't be purchasing one for myself anytime soon. That however won't stop manufacturers from striving to convince me otherwise.


The SE790C has a 34-inch screen with a sharp 3440x1440 resolution. Brightness tops out at 300 candelas per square meter, contrast ratio hits the typical -- for a curved monitor -- 3000:1 rating and thanks to its high quality vertical alignment (VA) panel, the display delivers a wide 178 degree viewing angle. A 4 millisecond response time, sRGB color gamut round out the specs.

As for connections, there's a single DisplayPort, two HDMI ports and a whopping five USB 3.0 ports. There's also dual seven watt speakers, 20 degree back tilt capability, height adjustment, and a VESA wall-mounting features.

As to be expected from Samsung's previous monitor efforts, the SE790C sports a slick-looking design that doesn't appear to get overcomplicated. The question still remains however, do you actually need a curved display?