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Samsung SC-HMX10 review: Samsung SC-HMX10

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MSRP: $849.95

The Good Relatively sharp video; manual exposure controls; can focus fairly closely.

The Bad Sluggish autofocus; exposure problems; mediocre low-light quality and performance; no hardware image stabilization; annoying touch screen; potential software problems.

The Bottom Line Despite an attractive price and some decent features, the frustrations of the Samsung SC-HMX10 outnumber its rewards.

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6.7 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 7
  • Performance 7
  • Image quality 6

Samsung takes some interesting turns to deliver its semibudget-priced, flash-based HD camcorder. On one hand, the SC-HMX10 seems to offer quite a bit for the money, including 720p video, 8GB built-in memory, manual exposure controls, and a microphone input, all in a diminutive package. On the other hand, you can see where they cut the corners to achieve the aggressive price, primarily by neglecting optical image stabilization, eschewing 1080i video, and using a small 1/4.5-inch sensor.

Light (it weighs less than 13 ounces) and compact, the HMX10 has an attractive, functional design with a few perks and a couple of pains. Despite the plastic casing, it feels quite solid. It's a little taller than other flash-based models, which makes it a bit easier to grip, and all the operational controls--zoom switch, photo button, power, mode, and record fall comfortably under your right thumb or forefinger. The grip rotates about 150 degrees, and though you can leave it at any point in the rotation, it locks into only two positions. The first slight rotation drops it by about 5 degrees, increasing the height for larger hands, one of the cleverer designs I've seen lately. You can continue the rotation to about 150 degrees, which I find less useful, since the controls aren't very accessible that way.

The battery and SDHC slot sit on top of the camcorder, hidden beneath a tethered cover. As with cassette-based camcorders, a top-loading media slot is the most convenient location, and if you shoot with a tripod, it's also the best place for the battery. In many cases with other camcorders, even though the battery is accessible while mounted on a tripod, the battery release may by obstructed. It also provides a built-in lens cover with a mechanical switch, a nice feature that has become typical in camcorders in this price range. I also like the fact that despite shipping with a cradle, Samsung retains the USB and other connectors on the camcorder.

Unfortunately, though, Samsung went with a touch-screen interface for the HMX10. I generally find that touch screens aren't very comfortable to work with on the 2.7-inch displays common to this class, and Samsung's proves to be no exception. I found the system to be frequently unresponsive, and require multiple presses to recognize input. That said, the menus are organized fairly well. The mode switching presents another frustration. As it toggles through each mode, it tries to initialize for photo, video, or load thumbnails, depending upon which mode you're passing through. As a result, it bogs you down and can even make you miss shots.

While I applaud the manual controls--shutter speed, gain, and focus--in a model of this price class, they're not quite as useful as they should be. It offers 29 exposure steps, but they seem to operate linearly, which means they visually clip off to black quite suddenly, effectively decreasing the available adjustment range and providing only the coarsest of control. Furthermore, though you can adjust the shutter speed as high as 1/10,000 second, you can't drop below 1/60 second to shoot in low light. Without any sort of magnification and finer control than the touch screen allows, the manual focus is close to useless. The camcorder also has a video light, but you've got to dive into the menu system to turn it on.

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