Samsung SBH500 Bluetooth Headset review: Samsung SBH500 Bluetooth Headset

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The Good The Samsung SBH500 stereo Bluetooth headset offers easy-to-use controls and decent call quality.

The Bad The Samsung SBH500 stereo Bluetooth headset is so uncomfortable to wear that it hurts. Plus, music quality was variable.

The Bottom Line The Samsung SBH500 stereo Bluetooth headset is marred by a poor, uncomfortable design. Call quality is solid, but we give a pass in all respects.

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4.0 Overall

Though it was once a rare find in music cell phones, in the last year stereo Bluetooth has become a common feature. That's a good thing, even if the wireless music quality isn't always reliable, as we like being able to walk around a room while we're listening to our tunes.

To help you get the most out of that functionality, several cell phone manufacturers, Samsung among them, have introduced stereo Bluetooth headsets. However, just because you're good at one thing, that doesn't mean that you're good at another. We liked Samsung previous stereo headset, the

At first glance the SBH500 looks promising. The foam padding around the earphones is soft to the touch and the controls are large and well designed. It's also quite light (0.54 ounces) and the band connecting the two earphones seems sturdy but flexible.

In the center of the right earphone you'll find a multifunction control for pairing the headset and placing and ending SBH500's calls. It's slightly recessed so you can locate it easily when you're on a call and it's surrounded by a circular status light. Surrounding the multifunction button are the music controls, which include a play/pause button, a skip control, and a rewind button. They're also large and easy to use. The volume rocker rests on the rim of the earphone. As it always faces "up" when you're on a call, we had no problem finding it even on the first try.

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