Samsung's QuickDrive washer has the need for speed

Samsung's new QuickDrive washing machine claims to clean just as well -- in half the time.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
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Samsung's QuickDrive washing machine claims to cut your wash time in half (without skimping on cleaning power). 

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The QuickDrive's speed and power is supposedly due to its "dynamic action" design.

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Dan Harvie, Samsung vice president and head of home appliances in Europe today announced a new washing machine -- the Samsung QuickDrive. Like the AddWash machine we tested previously (video below), the QuickDrive has a small door hidden within the washer's main cleaning compartment so you can add stray socks and other forgotten items midcycle. 

The idea with the smaller door, of course, is that you can open it without having to dump clothes, water and laundry detergent all over your floor. It's a clever concept, but we weren't incredibly impressed with it in practice. That's mainly because today's suds-free high-efficiency detergent and more efficient water usage largely prevent soap and water from spilling out of your washer -- even if you open the main washer door.

But that isn't where the QuickDrive's features end. This model is supposed to wash your clothes in half the time without sacrificing cleaning power. Samsung claims that's due to the design of its drum, which has a separate plate that moves clothes back and forth -- as well as up and down. 

The QuickDrive will also work with a related app for remote access to various features and settings.

Samsung hasn't shared pricing or availability for its QuickDrive washer just yet, but the AddWash costs $1,499, so I'd expect it to be in roughly the same range. 

Find out what else is happening at IFA 2017.

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