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Samsung Q330 review: Samsung Q330

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An isolated keyboard makes touch typing a breeze, with extra space and prominent keys.

Like many of today's premium laptops, the Q330 features isolated keys, which help to minimise typing errors and make using the keyboard a pleasure. Touch-typists will appreciate the extra space between the keys and their highly responsive nature. We also like the sizeable touchpad that feels smooth without being sticky, and its generously proportioned buttons. The screen is rather small, at just 13.3 inches, and has a pretty average resolution of 1,366x768 pixels. Despite its relatively diminutive specs, it's remarkably bright and delivers vivid colours, which makes for outstanding picture and video quality.

Power and perseverance

With its super-swift, dual-core Intel Core i3-350M processor clocking 2.26GHz, and a beefy 3GB of RAM, the Q330 is an extraordinary performer. It racked up a score of 5,156 in our PCMark05 test, which puts it up there with some of the best-performing ultra-portables we've tested. As with most of its kind, however, its graphics performance isn't quite as brag-worthy. It uses an Intel GMA HD graphics chip, which pushed it to a score of 1,709 in 3DMark06 -- not exactly earth-shattering. If you want to play the latest games on this laptop, you'll have to turn the detail settings down somewhat to achieve a decent frame rate.


Samsung managed to squeeze a multi-format DVD drive into the slimline Q330.

The Q330 packs a reasonably roomy 320GB hard drive for an ultra-portable, so you'll have no problem storing plenty of files, photos and videos. If you do find yourself running low on storage space, you can always back up your files to DVD thanks to the slim, multi-format DVD drive that Samsung managed to squeeze in.

In our highly intensive Battery Eater test, the Q330 managed to keep running for 1 hour and 20 minutes before it needed a recharge. This is a good show of stamina for a powerful ultra-portable, and you're likely to get even longer battery life from it with ordinary day-to-day usage.


We're mightily impressed with the Samsung Q300. It's easy on the eye, very slim and lightweight, and has plenty of grunt under its beautiful bonnet. At a reasonable asking price of around £600, we have no problem recommending this laptop.

Edited by Emma Bayly

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