Samsung PS63C7000

Plasma fans can join the 3D bandwagon too, with the May launch of the Samsung Plasma C7000, which also includes the company's IPTV portal, Internet@TV.

Pam Carroll
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Pam Carroll
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Update: Samsung Australia has now announced local pricing for its Series 7 Plasma TVs, which will be available in-store in May. The RRP for the 50-inch model is AU$2499, the 58-inch model is AU$3499 and the 63-inch model as shown in this preview is AU$4499. Included with each television will be two pairs of 3D glasses and a copy of Monsters vs. Aliens. Extra 3D glasses cost AU$129 (with rechargeable battery) or AU$99 for 3D glasses with replaceable batteries.

Our photo gallery/first look at Panasonic's upcoming 3D Viera plasma generated a lot of reader interest, but it seems that Samsung will beat Pana to the 3D plasma punch by releasing its 3D Plasma C7000 in Australia in May.

This model shares more than just the C7000 numbering system with its 3D LED counterpart, which Samsung is also releasing a bit earlier on April 19. It incorporates Samsung's built-in 3D processor that the company claims is compatible with multiple broadcast and PC 3D standards, as well as the Blu-ray 3D standard recently approved by the Blu-ray Disc Association. To address the current paucity of 3D content, it also supports 2D-to-3D processing in real-time of broadcast TV and legacy games and DVDs.

Samsung's Internet@TV feature will be on-board, which links to IPTV content and the new Samsung apps store. So far, Internet@TV content partners include YouTube, USA Today, Picassa, and Accu Weather.com — Samsung claims there will be 35 apps available at launch. Unlike the 7000 and 8000 Samsung LED models, however, there is no option for a Skype application on this plasma counterpart.

This full HD TV sports a very slim design for a plasma set, yet with its black metal finish and square base, it doesn't quite have the pizzazz of its sexier LED equivalents. It does offer four 3D-ready HDMI 1.4 ports, two USB ports, and one Ethernet port to connect to AV components, multimedia devices and the web.