Samsung PS60E6500 review: Samsung PS60E6500

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The Good Great 2D and 3D pictures; Good audio quality; Strong lineup of smart apps; Great value for money.

The Bad Only three HDMI ports; Design is slightly dated.

The Bottom Line Great picture quality across both 2D and 3D, excellent smart TV features and a humungous screen size for a relatively low asking price make the Samsung PS60E6500 one of the best TVs around.

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8.8 Overall

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Go big or go home, as our American cousins say. Or, if you want to go big at home then grab a hold of Samsung's massive PS60E6500. This is a TV likely to grab plenty of people's attention, as despite its humungous 60-inch screen, it's still relatively affordable at £1,590.

It's not as though Samsung has dropped all frills in an effort to lower the price either -- this TV still offers smart TV features and 3D support. Is the PS60E6500 really the big-screened bargain it seems?

User interface and EPG

The PS60E6500 is essentially a more affordable version of Samsung's high-end ES7000 and ES8000 plasmas. It lacks the built-in camera and microphone found on those sets, so it doesn't support voice or motion control. Considering that I found those features to be quite gimmicky when I had the ES7000 in for review, I don't think most people will miss them particularly.

The TV also lacks the dual-core processor found in those models, although again I don't think most people will miss this, as it's not as though the E6500's menus are sluggish to navigate.

Samsung PS60E6500
The PS60E6500's EPG is one of the better ones you'll find on today's TVs.

The good news is that this model has pretty much the same menu system as Samsung's high-end tellies. It's built around a homescreen, from which you can quickly jump to all of the TV's main features. It's rather like the homescreen on a smart phone in this regard, with different functions represented by various colourful icons.

From the homescreen you can access the TV's programming guide, smart TV apps and even select which AV input you want to use. It looks very inviting and is reasonably intuitive to use. If you haven't used a Samsung TV before it may take you a little while to get your head around it, as it essentially just presents all the set's features to you across two screens of icons.

This model's programming guide is very impressive too. It's got pretty much everything you'd want from a guide, including a video window at the top so you can carry on watching a programme while checking the EPG to see what's on later in the evening. The programming information is simply laid out across a landscape grid and the text is crisp and easy to read from a distance.

The only slight annoyance is that when using the Now and Next mini guide, you have to press Info and then the red button to see the whole of the summary for the show you're currently tuned to. On most other sets you can view this information with a single press of a button.

Design and connections

If you're used to peering at slimline LED TVs with barely-there bezels, the E6500 is going to look dated. The bezel is rather thick, measuring around an inch wide, and the chassis is deep too. All plasmas tend to have thicker bezels than today's high-end LEDs screens however, and given the sheer size of the TV, the deeper chassis isn't that much of a surprise.

The set is far from an ugly -- the greyish/silver colour scheme and the transparent edge that runs around the edge of the bezel giving it a touch a class.

Samsung PS60E6500
Samsung has been rather stingy with the HDMI ports, as this model only has three of them.

Frustratingly, like all the mid- and high-end models in Samsung's current range, the PS60E6500 only has three HDMI ports. In contrast, most other manufacturers now put four ports on their large-screen TVs. It stinks of penny-pinching on Samsung's part.

Two of the HDMI ports are side-mounted on the left-hand edge, while the third sticks out the back. The TV has both Freeview HD and Freesat HD tuners on board, so you'll find both aerial and satellite inputs on the rear panel too. It's also home to a set of component connectors, a full-sized Scart socket and a digital optical output for feeding audio from the built-in tuners to an external source, such as a surround-sound amp.

Naturally, there's Ethernet on board for hooking the TV up to your home network, but as there's Wi-Fi built in you don't have to use a cabled connection unless you want to. Samsung has also added two USB ports to the side panel for digital media playback.

Digital media

Samsung's smart TV system is arguably the best of all those offered by telly manufacturers at the moment. Not only is it easy to use, but it supports the broadest range of catch-up TV and movie on-demand services.

Samsung PS60E6500
4oD is the only real absence from the selection of catch-up TV services.

Along with BBC iPlayer there are also apps for ITV Player and Demand 5. It lacks support for 4oD, but this isn't offered on any other manufacturer's smart TV platform at the moment either.

You do get apps for both Netflix and Lovefilm, and there's good support for movie on-demand services, with Blinkbox, Knowhow Movies and Curzon On Demand apps. Plenty of other services are lurking in the Samsung app store, such as the useful BBC News and BBC Sport apps.

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