Samsung's new stick vac doubles down on suction power

With increased flexibility and lots of suction power, Samsung's latest wants to make cleaning up quick and easy.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer

With a handle that folds 50 degrees and a dual-action brush, Samsung's Powerstick Pro wants to make it easier to get your floors clean. Samsung showed off the flexible stick vac during its IFA press conference on Wednesday.

The handle bends to help you reach under furniture, and the "dual-action brush" actually has two brushes with independent drums going in different directions to help pull up dirt more efficiently. Samsung promised you'd only need to go over floors once with this vac, and it has an impressive 40 minutes of battery life with 150 watts of suction.

In our tests, we haven't always seen a direct correlation between suction and effective cleaning performance. The design of the brushroll and and of the vacuum's head tends to make a bigger difference. Thus, I'm intrigued by the idea of multiple brushes. The increased agitation should help the Powerstick Pro on carpets.

We'll look for more details on the vac as Berlin's big tech conference unfolds. Head here for more from IFA, and check back for updates on the flexible Powerstick Pro as we get them.