Quick Take

CNET did not review the Samsung PNE530 series, but we did review a similar product, the PNE550 series.

According to Samsung's Web site, the main differences between the two series of plasma TVs is that the PNE550 has Smart TV and the capability to display 3D sources, while the PNE530 lacks both of these features. The E530 series also lacks a 64-inch size, and has just two HDMI inputs and one USB port -- compared with three and two, respectively, on the LNE550.

In terms of dimensions, the cabinet of the PNE530 is a bit more compact than that of the PNE550, measuring 0.4 inch shorter and 0.3 inch narrower. The two panels have the same depth at 2.2 inches.

Based on our reviews of both the PNE550 and the PNE450, we expect the picture quality of the PNE530 to be basically the same as the PNE550.

For more information, check out the full review of the Samsung PNE550 series.