Samsung NF210 review: Samsung NF210

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The Good Dual-core Atom processor;. Unique design;. Great keyboard;. Matte screen.

The Bad Pricey;. No HDMI output.

The Bottom Line The Samsung NF210's unique design and dual-core processor help it stand out from the crowd, but it's a pricey wee netbook and doesn't quite offer the performance breakthrough we expected.

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8.3 Overall

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Like Coldplay's tunes, netbooks have a reputation for being a little on the samey side. Unlike Coldplay's songs, however, every now and again one comes along that cracks the mould open. The NF210 from Samsung, which is priced at around £330, is one such example.

That's how this netbook rolls

What sets this model apart from its peers is mainly its interesting design. Samsung has used a manufacturing technology call In Mold Rolling to shape the chassis in a way we simply haven't come across before. It's allowed Samsung to lend the netbook a really sculpted shape, where the edges of the chassis rise up in a sort of curved wing profile. The lid has a corresponding concave edge that hugs the wings when closed. As a result, when you view the netbook from the side it has a slightly wave-shaped silhouette. Samsung has combined this interesting sculpting with a gorgeous, glossy white and brushed-aluminium finish to create one of the best-looking netbooks we've seen -- the photos don't really do it justice.

The NF210's unique, undulating design is very appealing.

The keyboards on other Samsung netbooks have generally been of a very high standard, so we were expecting good things from this one and, thankfully, it doesn't disappoint. Using an isolated keyboard design, Samsung has managed to produce a keyboard that doesn't feel too cramped despite the netbook's small dimensions. The keys don't have all that much travel, so they do feel a little toy-like under your fingers to begin with, but you soon get used to this and start to appreciate their snappy responsiveness. While the trackpad isn't the largest we've seen on netbooks this size, your finger does glide effortlessly across it and the two buttons feel quite solid, too.

Samsung has decided against a glossy coating for the NF210's display, which is an unusual move for a consumer-focused laptop. Instead, it's gone for a matte, anti-glare finish. This does mean colours don't look quite as vibrant and in your face as they do on some glossy displays, but it has the benefit of being much easier on the eyes, especially if you're working under bright lights. Also, the LED backlighting means the screen still looks quite bright. Although the resolution of 1,024x600 pixels is nothing we haven't seen on a netbook before, the small size of the 10.1-inch display means videos, images and text still look very crisp and sharp.

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