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Samsung MODUS 3500 Bluetooth Headset review: Samsung MODUS 3500 Bluetooth Headset

MSRP: $69.00

The Good The Samsung Modus 3500 can be either a mono or stereo Bluetooth headset. It has multipoint connectivity and dual-mic noise-canceling. Audio quality was good.

The Bad The Samsung Modus 3500 earpiece can feel a little awkward for some, and we didn't like that we couldn't control the music from the headset.

The Bottom Line The Samsung Modus 3500 is a good, affordable choice if you want both a mono and stereo headset in one package.

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7.0 Overall

The first mono-to-stereo convertible headset we ever saw was the Jabra BT8010 in 2007, and since then there have been several Bluetooth headsets that do double duty as both a mono and a stereo headset. The idea is simple: wear the mono style when all you want to do is take calls, and slip on the extra earbud if you want to listen to music. The Samsung Modus 3500 is Samsung's first take in this category, plus it promises dual-mic noise-canceling and multipoint connectivity. Though we have a few gripes about it, it's overall quite good and affordable, especially for a two-in-one headset. The Samsung Modus 3500 will be available for around $59 to $69, depending on the retail channel.

The Samsung Modus 3500 consists of a couple of parts. The first is the headset unit itself, which looks like a regular mono Bluetooth headset, and the second is the stereo earbud attachment. The headset has a very simple blocky silhouette. It measures 1.85 inches long by 0.7 inch wide by 0.35 inch thick, and has curved corners and a slight point at the microphone. It is available both in black and in white.

On the front of the headset is the multifunction button in the form of a raised triangle. It's easy to find by feel and presses down easily as well. The volume rocker is on the left spine, and there is a power slider on the right. We like the dedicated power switch, which makes it easier to turn the headset on and off. On the top is the charger jack.

Flip the headset over and you'll find a standard headset earpiece that sits gently inside the ear. It comes with two styles of earbud covers: one with an attached loop, and one without. The attached loop version can be worn without an ear hook; the other one does require you to attach the optional plastic ear hook for stability. Both are made out of a soft rubber material for extra comfort. We found the earpiece a tad big for our tastes, and the round plastic area of the earpiece scratched our ear at times.

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