Quick take: The Samsung MM-A900M is an update to the MM-A900, which was touted as Sprint's answer to the Motorola Razr late last year. Its features are identical to that of its predecessor; it supports Sprint's Power Vision and Music Store services and has a 1.3-megapixel camera, a camcorder, a built-in media player and MP3 player, Bluetooth, text messaging, a speakerphone, a voice recorder, streaming music support, and basic PIM functions. The only difference is that the MM-A900M adds in extra personalization options to its interface. This includes customizable themes for menus, shortcuts, and screensavers; customizable ring tones and alerts; and customizable screensavers from personal videos. All in all, the MM-A900M is only a cosmetic upgrade from the MM-A900. Read our review of the Samsung MM-A900 for more details of the phone's features.