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Pretty much all of the printer's functions can be configured using the front panel. This consists of a two-line LCD display that you navigate around using a circular four-way pad. The menus are easy enough to follow, but navigation can be something of a pain, as there's little room available on the display. We found it was better to use the PC software that gets installed along with the printer driver -- it's much easier to use.

Prints of darkness

The print engine has a maximum resolution of 1,200x1,200 dpi, but it defaults to 600x600 dpi, which is good enough for most day-to-day documents. It can also handle two-sided printing, a feature accessed via the eco menu.

Samsung quotes a print speed of 31 pages per minute. In our test, the ML-3310ND managed to print our ten-page black-text document in 35 seconds, and took 37 seconds to print ten copies of our graphics test page. Our ten-sheet presentation document took longer, at 41 seconds, but these are still very fast print speeds.

The ML-3310ND's high-yield toner cartridge, which produces around 5,000 pages, costs £89.18 from at the time of writing. With costs of 0.7p added for each sheet of paper, this works out at a running cost of 2.48p per page, which is quite low.

We've no complaints about the quality of the ML-3310ND's text output. Text looks dark and smooth, with crisp edges, giving a very professional finish to your pages. The graphics output is also very good, although, like many laser printers, we could see some slight banding in fills on grey bars in our test document.


The Samsung ML-3310ND is a fine printer. It produces good, clean text and graphics, offers fast print speeds and is fairly economical to run. Its control panel could be better, though, and setting it up on a network is likely to prove tricky for those of a less technical bent.

Edited by Charles Kloet 

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