Samsung ML-3310ND review: Samsung ML-3310ND

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The Good Speedy; good print quality; low running costs.

The Bad Display is very small; network set-up can be awkward.

The Bottom Line The Samsung ML-3310ND mono laser printer is a speedy performer, producing good prints at a low cost. The control panel is fiddly, though, and network configuration may bamboozle those of a less technical bent.

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7.5 Overall

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If you need a printer to share between multiple users, Samsung's ML-3310ND could be a good option. It's an A4, black-and-white laser printer that offers both Ethernet and USB connectivity, so you can either connect it directly to a single PC or plug it into your network so that all the computers in your home can access it. The ML-3310ND costs around £160 online.

Grey anatomy

Decked out in a boring two-tone grey colour scheme, the ML-3310ND isn't much to look at. On the plus side, it should be equally at home in an office as in a large household. Measuring 366 by 368 by 253mm, it's small enough to sit on the edge of an office desk.

The paper feeder at the base of the printer can hold up to 250 sheets of A4 paper. There's also an optional secondary tray that can hold 520 pages. Above the standard paper feeder, there's a flip-down multi-purpose 50-page tray that can also be used for manually feeding in envelopes. Prints are dropped into a recessed area at the top of the printer that can hold up to 150 sheets at one time.

The ML-3310ND hooks up to your computer in two ways. The most straightforward option is to simply connect it directly to a single PC via USB. Alternatively, you can connect it directly into your network, which is what you're paying extra for with this model.

Setting up the printer to work via USB couldn't be simpler. Just load the driver onto your computer, connect a USB cable, and the job's done.

Hooking the ML-3310ND up to your network is slightly more difficult. The printer is configured to automatically grab its IP address from your network's DHCP server, but this means its address can change every time it's switched off and on, so you'll have to make your PC find it again. It's better to give the printer a fixed IP address, but setting this up is a rather convoluted process. Still, you only have to do it once.

The ML-3310ND also has an HTTP server built in, so, once it's connected to your network, you can log onto it using your computer's Web browser to view the toner level and so on.

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