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Samsung ML-2152W review: Samsung ML-2152W

We compared the 21-page-per-minute (ppm) ML-2152W's performance to that of recent business lasers we've tested, whose engine speeds range from 25ppm to 35ppm. The ML-2152W performed capably, posting nearly the same speed when printing both text (14.9ppm) and graphics (14.5ppm). Although the other printers in this group printed text faster, they were all slower at printing graphics. Busy workgroups will still gravitate toward the faster Xerox Phaser 4400N or the Dell M5200n, at 19ppm and 19.3ppm, respectively. Both printers offer more options but also cost more.

The ML-2152W wowed longtime CNET editors with its clean, deep-black, extrasharp letter forms. Even 2-point type looked impeccable. Grayscale printing was more of a challenge, but this printer proved itself by rendering subtle differences between shades of gray and producing clear detail, though the overall look was still a little scratchy or dotty.

The integrated toner cartridge/imaging drum costs $149 and is specified to yield 8,000 pages, which comes out to less than 2 cents per page. That's a very modest hit on consumables; unfortunately, the printer ships with a 4,000-page starter cartridge, so if your printer sees any traffic, you'll have to buy a replacement cartridge soon after deployment.

Laser printer speed (personal and workgroup)
  (Longer bars indicate better performance)

Text (pages per minute)  
Text/graphics (pages per minute)  
Dell M5200n
Xerox Phaser 4400N
HP LaserJet 2300dtn
Samsung ML-2152W

Laser printer quality
•Poor   ••Fair   •••Good   ••••Excellent
 Printer  Text  Graphics
 Dell M5200n ••• •••
 HP LaserJet 2300dtn ••• •••
 Samsung ML-2152W •••• •••
 Xerox Phaser 4400N ••• •••

Samsung's service and support is insufficient for most businesses, sadly. The warranty lasts just one year--there are no extensions nor is there onsite service, and return shipping for repairs is on your dime. Toll-free tech support lasts the warranty period and is available weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT.

The printed and CD-based documentation are commendably thorough. Samsung's Web site offers no support information on the ML-2152W, and what we found on other models was limited compared to that found on HP's, Xerox's, and other vendors' sites. Samsung should also revisit the site's roughly translated text and confusing navigation.

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